"Come with me, where dreams are born and time is never planned." - Peter Pan

Unfortunately, we do not live in Neverland and time passes all too quickly for our children.  They grow right before our very eyes.  A moment lasts all but a second, but the photograph lives on forever.  

Couture Children's Imagery is a personal favorite of mine!  I have many couture gowns from designers for you to choose from.  Currently owned gowns range in size 1-4.  These gowns are available to use during your session and are included with the session pricing.  Digital Art is added to most photographs to add the fairytale feel.  Couture gowns can also be rented by a few of the designers I use.  If you don't find a gown in my collection, a rental can certainly be done as an add on to the session.  Please use the "Contact" page to message regarding these sessions.